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Rottweiler Health and Nutrition

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Rottweilers, due to overbreeding, have become susceptible to many diseases. Rotties mostly suffer from dysplasia. This is because of their weak bones. It is also a well-known fact that Rottweilers are the type of dogs who are always hungry and would eat anything. This makes them prone to obesity. While we have a tendency to spoil our dogs, we have to control ourselves when our dog is a Rottweiler. Letting the Rottweiler eat whatever it wants, whenever is very dangerous. Again, dogs of this breed have weak bones. If they become overweight, it is detrimental.

Health and nutrition is very important to them. You have to feed them right and control how much they eat.

What to feed your Rottweiler?


While you can customize what to feed your Rottweiler, you have to keep in mind one thing: They need protein. Protein is not stored as fat. If you opt to feed your dog kibbles from the market, make sure that it has high protein content. Look into its ingredients. Be careful because most dog foods in markets, especially the dry ones, are made out of grain. You can also choose a raw diet for your dog. Be sure to educate yourself first before you try experimenting with raw diets. Remember to ask your vet for advice as well. Also, remember that a dog's nutritional needs vary depending on its age.

Some dog owners mix premium dog food with raw meat. Some feed their dog kibbles on a certain day of the week and raw meat in some days. Breeders do it differently and it depends on who you want to believe more. You just have to understand that one important thing. Rottweilers need protein. We mean real protein. However, that doesn't mean that you skip other nutrients every dog needs!

When is enough, enough?

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While fat Rotties may be cute, it's a death sentence. If you truly care about your dog, you will not overfeed it. Knowing that they have a tendency to overeat, make sure you control their food portions. It still depends on what kind of food you choose to feed your fur baby. Dog food labels usually have portion recommendations. You can also do your own research. Even if you want to experiment with your dog's food, do not feed it indiscriminate portions.

It takes research and probably some experimenting to find the perfect dog food for your Rottie. Narrow down your options until you find the best. Provide your dog with healthy and nutritious options and let your dog be the tie-breaker if you can't choose what best to feed him.Of course, in choosing a dog food for your pet, you have to consider it's preference as well. Your pet's health and nutrition must be an educated and shared decision.

How to Keep a Clean Home when Living with Rottweilers

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Rottweilers are big and powerful. Sometimes, people would even refer to them as giant breeds. This dog breed is not recommended for first-time dog owners or a household with kids or senior citizens. This is not because Rotties are dangerous. This is because of their size and temperament. You can't fault these furry canines with that. They are actually gentle giants when trained right. They are just not recommended for first-time dog owners, or kids, or seniors, because they are so strong they could easily bump you and cause damage without intending to do so. Although they are generally a confident and calm breed, they can have a playful mood. Rottweilers are not very aware of how big they actually are and they might mess up your house really bad.

Rotties are special because they are not for everyone. Should you decide to get a Rottie or if you already have one and you are having some difficulties, remember that dogs are dogs. They have natural tendencies. Rottweilers have a distinct personality and their owners must make the necessary accommodations. Even if we love our dogs so much, we must also make sure that our home is clean and livable according to our human standards. How can you make these accommodations, though?



A good dog owner will designate certain spaces in their home where their dog can play around and expend all that energy. Your lawn may be a good idea, but make sure to designate a space where there are no plants to be destroyed, for example. You can also have an indoor dog room. You can't stop your dog from playing. Rottweilers need exercise. If you give them the proper space where they can do that, they won't ruin your home. You can maintain the cleanliness and orderliness of your home because your dogs can make a distinction of where they can play and where they can not. Make sure your dog knows.


Make sure they get training and learn obedience at a very young age. Rotties are large and they can be difficult to manage when they grow big and remain untrained. Teach them your house rules while they are still cute little puppies. Train them how to behave when they are inside the house and where to do their business. Don't wait for them to get big. Note that Rottweilers also grow up really fast.

Manage Shredding

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Rotties have seasons where they would shred a lot. They have a double coat. Brush your dog outside every day. That way, you get rid of the loose fur already. When they come inside to play, they won't leave as much fur. If they are shredding so much, keep them in a place that's easy to clean. Have a pet hair vacuum ready. Sometimes, fur may stick in your carpet or couch.

Living with a dog, Rottweiler or not, takes a lot of work. It's a responsibility, but it is also very fulfilling. Just remember to be patient!